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Myholdingtank is a membership platform created for MLM professionals who wants to take their team to a new level.

As a member of Myholdingtank you are able to build just one team-just one time-and this time, for life!

As a network marketer you strive to reach your financial independence . The ideal picture is to work 3-5 years and have your downline in place, then enjoy your financial freedom!
But as many of us know or have experienced, this will not happen for everyone.
As a matter of fact, 95% of the people who starts will fail, mostly due to the broken model of traditional MLM.
90% of the MLM companies will not survive the first 5 years. When they go down, so will you and your team!
At Myholdingtank we avoid all the basic challenges of the broken model such as bad compensation plans, uneven growing legs, inferior products or services, troubles recruiting etc.

Due to our mathematical formula "the minimatrix", we generate a constant flow of spillover, which will fill your binary matrix on both sides fast and equally.

As a member of Myholdingtank you will never have to rely on one company or one product line again. As we are an unique membership platform with a binary structure, you and your team join not just one, but how many MLM companies you decide and receive multiple streams of income with the same team.
Finally you can build for years and never ever lose your team again!
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